simplification in process
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    Simplification in process results in Value


    Urban construction - Excavation and retrofitting section - Pmbok& msp- Steel structure section


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Simplification in process results in value

Hoobe group is one of the active companies in construction industry with knowledge based mentality and more than a decade experience. Hoobe has established based on providing technical and practical supports for investors and project managers in 3 stages: pre-commencement, construction period and after completion of construction activities. These supports, including consultation, design, execution and the methods of operation management of projects, will be provided for those who are active in this huge industry as a package.

Hoobe believes strongly that available services offered by this group will provide most reliable and practical path for design and execution process and will result in highest level of efficiency in energy, time and cost.

Hoobe`s official motto refers to its essence and mentality: Simplification in process results in value.


Hoobe construction group

§  Consultation and Initial studies of projects, investment and phase 0 activities.

§  Architectural design, supervision and execution

§  Management of legal process to obtain the permits for plans and consultation in municipality regulations, from initial construction permit to the certificate of completion of work

§  Management of legal process related to Construction Engineering Organization and phase 2 activities

§  Project management, design and schedule of executive activities

§  Mass reduction in design and execution of structure

§  Providing technical certificate and estate registry

§  Reinforcement and stabilizing features for execution of buildings

§  Seismic risk insurance

§  Documentation of design and execution process of a project.

§  Artistic and interior design consultation according to ISO16817 standards.

§  Consultation and management for marketing and branding of projects 


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